DOWNLOAD MP3: 490-TIMES OFTEN By Mike Mamvong (sermon)

It is inconvenient most time when our brothers or sisters offended us. The ego in us always seek to response in accordance with the pain we felt or we resolve to moving around with self-pity. Most time we responds in a harsh way and repay the bad done to us with derogative actions. At times we keep our responds within us but never have anything to do with them. Offences are inevitable among relating humans, It is when it’s prolonged and remain unsolved that its gives birth to sin. Until you realize that men are infallible you will be keeping records of the wrong things done to you by men. It is good to forgive those who offend you even before they ask for it because they may never ask for it then you will live with the bitterness thereafter.

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DOWNLOAD MP3: 490-TIMES OFTEN By Mike Mamvong (sermon) 6

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