You’ve never won Premier League – David Luiz fires back at Liverpool legend, Carragher

Former Arsenal centre-back, David Luiz has hit back at criticism from Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, reminding him that he ‘never won the Premier League’ during his playing days.

Luiz has spent the last five years of his career in England. He helped Chelsea win three titles – including the Premier League in 2017 – before signing for Arsenal two years ago.

It was during his time at Arsenal that Luiz attracted considerable criticism, with Carragher labelling the Brazilian a ‘liability’ during the 2020-2021 season.

But Luiz has now laughed off the criticism from Carragher, defending himself by pointing to his Premier League title triumph with Chelsea.

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“It is funny, some people talk about how to win the Premier League, but they have never won it,” Luis told MailSport.

“Jamie Carragher never won the Premier League.

“They talk and say, ‘This player is not right for this league’. Yet I won the league. These people have forgotten the past.

“You cannot say, ‘David is a player who never won, you won’t win anything with David’. That is not true! You have to base your opinion on something real, not something fake.

“I use the word perception. That is all it is. I am not going to fight to change the perception of these people, who decide to have this view of me because they want to.

“They have not analysed me properly. I am not going to waste my time on that.”

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