You can go to court – Guardiola fires back at Klopp

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has been angered by a comment by Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, who recently questioned the club’s spending in the transfer market.

Klopp said Klopp and Liverpool should “go to court” if they don’t like Man City’s expensive transfer moves.

Liverpool boss, Klopp had recently claimed Guardiola has no limits in his spending.

He was implying an unfair advantage for the Spanish head coach.

Speaking about Man City, Klopp said: “We are allowed to spend the money we earn… they obviously don’t have any limits.”

However, the former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain manager believes his club are adherent to Financial Fair Play protocol and are simply benefactors to good ownership.

“Some owners want to benefit, our owners don’t want any benefits. So they don’t invest in the team, while we invest what we can,” Guardiola said.

“Before there were only one or two clubs. Now there is Chelsea with [Roman] Abramovich and our club with Sheikh Mansour. They want to be buying into football. What is the problem? We have limits for Financial Fair Play and if they don’t agree [with City’s spending] they can go to court and make a statement.

“We bought Jack Grealish because we sold [players] for £60m so, in the end, we have spent £40m. We follow absolutely the rules. At our club, the owners don’t want to lose money of course but they want to spend, so we can do it.

“Years ago, when Manchester United won a lot of titles, it was because they spent more money than other clubs. Do you remember that? At that moment Man City couldn’t do it because we did not have the owners we have now.”

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