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Weston Skaggs Releases New Single “Rich Man”

With lyrics like “Woe to you rich man..” and “be sure your sin will find you out,” Weston Skaggs wastes no time in diving deep into themes that are taken directly from the Bible on his new single, “Rich Man” set to release through Old Bear Records on July 16th.

Much like Keith Green, or Larry Norman before him, Weston Skaggs’s style of a mix of baritone and falsetto voice undergirded and wrapped with music and arrangements that could have been written and arranged by Brian Wilson or the Flaming Lips attracts a listening ear to the interesting instrumentation at play that softens the very direct and powerful truths conveyed in his lyrics.

By the time you realize you are being challenged with a song that could double as a sermon, its too late. You’re already invested by the sweeping sounds, and pleasant melodies coming through your speakers or air pods. In a way, “Rich Man” is an audio trojan horse of sorts and we’re here for it. This is a song that is clear in its presentation of the Gospel and its primary transgressor in need of grace (you’ll find as you reach the end of the song) is the performer himself.

“Rich Man” is available to download/stream today.

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