Tokyo Olympics: Organizers told to check thoroughly if sprinter, Mboma is actually woman

World Athletics Committee and the organizers of the ongoing Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, have been told to conduct a thorough check to ascertain the actually sex of Christine Mboma, a 200m athlete from Namibia.

Mboma, 18, has hyperandrogenism, a condition that produces more testosterone than normal in a human’s body.

She ran a semi-final time of 21.97 seconds in the women’s 200m race, raising questions about her real gender.

Former Polish sprinter Marcin Urbas, has called for a thorough check on the sprinter, saying, “I would like to request a thorough test on Mboma to find out if she definitely is a woman.

“The testosterone advantage of Mboma over other participants is seen with the naked eye.

“In construction, movement, technique, at the same time as speed and endurance.

“She has the parameters of an 18-year-old boy, at that age my PB was 22.01 and she did it in 21.97 in Tokyo.

“With progression and improvement in her technique, she will soon drop to 21.00 seconds in 200m and 47.00 seconds in the 400m.

“We will continue to think that she is fair and equal, and it is a clear and insolent injustice against women who are definitely women,” Urbas said, according to Marca.

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