New Album From Sara Groves Garners Critical Acclaim

 On November 12, singer-songwriter Sara Groves released her 14th career studio album, What Makes It Through.  This is her first collection of original songs since 2015’s Floodplain.  These songs about healing and reconciliation in an unsettled world have made an instant connection with many music critics and artist peers.

“Like a moth to a flame, I’m once again drawn to the warmth of Sara’s tone and her consistent ability to craft a mesmerizing tune. What Makes It Through is another masterclass of songwriting from an artist who astoundingly keeps getting better with each release.” – Josh Balogh, Jesus Freak Hideout

“This record moves me. Such a beautiful and thoughtful reflection of life and loss and hope, even in the midst of difficult seasons. When I hear Sara’s songs, it returns me to a place inside me that yearns to be connected with my Creator.” – Cindy Morgan, Award-winning songwriter

“Every song is captivating – all with lyrics that poignantly capture life’s complex and vital messages. There are several personal songs that melt my heart. What Makes it Through is one of my top albums of the year in any genre.” – Kevin Davis, New Release Today

On What Makes It Through Sara Groves expands upon her already impressive songwriting palatte to include delicately introspective (and interpersonal) songs about connection and disconnection on a more lateral than supernatural level. She digs deeper into her own voice, and comes up with her most intimate project yet. – John J. Thompson, True Tunes 

“In What Makes It Through, Sara Groves delivers a masterclass in storytelling. Through the 9 tracks, she forges deeply into the listener’s heart, compelling us to understand our own hurt, perceptions, and memories. In doing so, she invites us to experience reconciliation with self, God, and each other. Her lyrics and command of melody are next level.” – Jessica Morris, Jesus Wired

“If the average praise-and-worship album is like going to church, What Makes It Through is like the dear friend who takes you out for coffee after church for a deep conversation about real life. Sara’s record is going to make me think and contemplate and seek and hope for years to come.” – Dave Trout, UTR Media

“Sara Groves offers a beautiful, well-crafted record filled with thoughtful lyrics and infectious melodies. Her captivating production takes me to another place; this is easily one of my favorite albums this year.” – Joe Cook, KAGV Radio

Open & vulnerable, melancholy & a little dark but also playful, this beautiful & thought-provoking album takes you on a journey that allows you to re-examine your own heart & thoughts.” – Garret Godfrey, Good Patron

“I was all in from the first song. Clever, challenging, poignant, and beautiful in all aspects. Sara never disappoints, and never fails to touch and inspire me.” – Larry Stephan, The Phantom Tollbooth

Many other artist-peers have been raving about the album on social media this last week, including high praise from Charlie Peacock, Randy Stonehill, Fernando Ortega, Jenny & Tyler, among others.  What Makes It Through is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major music platforms.

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