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Download John Mayor – My Everything Ft. Kensalf [NEW MUSIC + LYRICS]

[NEW MUSIC + LYRICS] John Mayor – My Everything Ft. Kensalf

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Gifted singer-songwriter John Mayor returns with the soothing worship tune, My Everything. After an eleven-year hiatus the Abuja-based singer releases his fourth single of the year and it is a beautiful piece.

Definitely born in a place of worship, My Everything is an anthem of total surrender to God’s authority. Starting off the song with “I don’t wanna struggle anything with you, I don’t wanna be wiser than you/ I lay my wisdom at your feet, I don’t have a life of my own”, the song is filled with lyrics that show John Mayor handing over the control of his life totally to God. In our fast paced world where we are expected to think and move at the speed of light, it is important for Christians to take a step back most times and realize there is One who still run the affairs of our lives and that of all men in general.

John Mayor’s crisp vocals do a lot of justice on My Everything with the instrumentation and background vocals syncing in harmony to produce a sweet melody along with its vital message. Concerning the song he says “…My Everything reminds me of the promises I made, never to lose my stand in Him, never to doubt Him and never to question Him…”

His fourth official release of the year, John Mayor had released the single O’semilore in March 2019 which was followed by the album Effulgence in May. Another single Revival was released in June 2019. These releases marked his return to music after an eleven-year hiatus. He had released his debut single Olufe Okan Mi in June 2008 which was followed by his debut album of the same title in December 2008.

A man of many parts, John Mayor is a seasoned worshipper with degrees and qualifications in Theology, Bricklaying and  Masonry and Hospitality. He is currently a pastor and the chairman of Legit Travels and Educonsult.

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Lyrics of My Everything

Intro: My everything, my everything, my everything

Verse 1: I don’t wanna struggle anything with you

I don’t want to be wiser than You

I have laid my wisdom at Your feet

I don’t have a life of my own

My life is hid in You

I will go wherever You send me

Do everything that pleases You

I’ll leave it all for You

My everything

Chorus: Everything, my everything

All for You, all to You

Verse 2: You’re my shield and keeper

The one I love and trust over the gods

How should I be lost without You

The one that cause the rain to fall

And the sun to shine

Who is like You, oh God

Who can love me like You do

No one else but you my King

Who can speak a word of hope

Is you my Lord

My everything, common sing it yeah

Chorus: Everything, my everything

All for You, all to You

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