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Destiny Worship Music Pursues God’s Voice Above All Else In New Single

Destiny Worship Music leans in to hear the still small voice of God in their new single, Whispers.

Produced by Walker Beach and written by Steven Vaggalis and Naomi Murray, the tender anthem is a call to quiet the noise for the whisper of God.

“There is so much chaos, confusion and noise in our world today. Life has a way of getting loud, but just because it’s loud it doesn’t mean it’s God,” says Steven Vaggalis, Pastor of Destiny Worship Center. “In 1 Kings 19:11-13 we see that God wasn’t in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire. He was in the still small voice.”

With the uncertainty of the day, the Florida-based worship ministry of Destiny Worship Center wants listeners to experience the peace and comfort of God’s voice through the single.

“The voice of God is still and it’s steady, just like the word of God. It’s unchanging, yet it still speaks. The world brings fear and anxiety, but we know that’s not from God. If we can quiet the noise and lean into the still small voice, we know peace and comfort is available in the waiting,” says Vaggalis.

Whispers has already resonated with the team’s local church community, providing a calming space for listeners to focus their attention on hearing His voice.

“A lot of people in our local church and beyond are dealing with a lot of bad news. There is uncertainty everywhere, but God still speaks, He wants to speak, and we want to listen for what He has to say,” Vaggalis says.

Now, Destiny Worship Music hopes the message of Whispers is heard loud and clear as it is released digitally.

“When people listen to Whispers, our hope is they know regardless of what is taking place in the world today, God is in control. We pray that this song will remind people of God’s faithfulness,” shares Vaggalis. “We hope that it reminds every listener to pause and wait on God who speaks clearly and sees the beginning from the end. If it’s not God, we don’t want it.”

For more information on Destiny Worship Music, visit Listen to Whispers here.

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