Petersongs Jesus The Name

Petersongs Jesus The Name

Petersongs releases a brand new single titled JESUS THE NAME

The song JESUS THE NAME came to me last year during the pandemic, with the scripture (phili. 2vs9)…
There’s no challenge bigger than the name…. That name answers to every situation you find yourself at the mention of that name JESUS, every kneel bows and every tongue confesses that Jesus Christ is the Lord
I dare you this day to call that name and watch God take over that case!!!!!

Produced by Jayclef

Petersongs Jesus The Name 

Download  Here


When we sing the harmony…
Without your name is nothing….
With the melody…
Without your name is nothing…..
When we sing the harmony without your name is nothing….
Your name is so strong and powerful!!!!

(Lead) That’s why we call your name…


When we sing the harmony.. Without you lord we’re empty, No lyrics is complete without your name Jesus….
In you I live, I move and have my being…
JESUS my Father, JESUS my maker,
JESUS my peace,
JESUS my everything oh God…
I live to worship you…..
Oh JESUS JESUS JESUS… You’re my everything!!!
(Speaking in tongues)…
I’m nothing without you JESUS.. My life is empty, my life is incomplete, there’s no me without you JESUS ooooo……


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