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Nathaniel Bassey Announces 7 Days Pre-Hallelujah Challenge Prayer Exercise

The 2018 Hallelujah Challenge will hold for only 14 days, from the 25th of June through the 9th of July (excluding the 6th of July) and the Pre-Hallelujah Challenge Prayer Exercise will last for 7 Days from 18th – 24th June.

In Nathaniel’s words “This Hallelujah Challenge has to be the most powerful! How do I know this? From the intensity of storm I’m seeing. There’s always something on the other side of the storm. Praising in the midst of trials drives Satan mad. So, no matter what you are faced with now, hold on to your PRAISE!”

Pre- Hallelujah Challenge Prayer Exercise!

COOPERATE PRAYER – EVENING Live on Instagram and at various locations.

COOPERATES PRAYER – 1 Hour 6-7pm daily.
Aim to log in at least 2 hours in prayer daily. Especially in THE SPIRIT.

Psalms Psalms Psalms!

Read lots of them as you pray.
Keep a journal too.
When we pray, revelations increase.
Avoil distractiions.
Make these 7 Days a time to Buuild up your most Holy Faith Praying in the Holy Ghost In readiness for the HC.

Pre-Hallelujah ChallengeIn Nathaniel also quoted John 1:50 NLT “Jesus asked him, “Do you believe this just because I told you I had seen you under the fig tree? You will see greater things than this.”
We shall see greater things than these….
You think last year was great? This is GREATER! In Jesus’ name.”

Also, prayer guidelines would be announced prior to commandment.

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