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Pastor Jerry Eze The NSPPD and Founder of Streams of Joy International  Reveals Reason For Quitting Job To Pursue God

Pastor Jerry Eze, Founder, Lead pastor, and General Overseer of Streams of Joy International has recounted how he abandoned his job to seek the path of finding God.

In a recent interview with Punch, the NSPPD clergyman said he made this choice by abandoning the job with United Nations (UN) because he firmly believed he couldn’t disregard his divine mandate.

Speaking during the interview, he said;

I came to the realization that there is no higher calling than God’s calling on an individual’s life. Thus, I understood that purpose would always surpass any personal gratification.

“The desire to fulfill God’s will in my life was immensely compelling. When I weighed my personal aspirations against what God wanted me to do, I realized that my destiny held far more significance than my own desires.”

I relinquished my secular job to pursue the work of God, even though, at that time, there was no excitement associated with it.“I knew deep within that I had a mandate to fulfill, one that would impact the lives of the awaiting generation.When asked how he discerned the right time to make this transition, Pastor Jerry Eze explained;“Every aspect indicated that the timing was perfect. I began feeling a sense of discontentment with my previous role, and the satisfaction it once brought was no longer present.“My mother played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today. During that period, her voice resonated strongly in my heart. Sadly, she passed away shortly after. She continuously insisted that the job I was pursuing was not God’s will for my life. Although I often debated with her, her passing made me realize that she had been right all along,” Jerry Eze says as he abandons job to become full time pastor.

Pastor Jerry Eze is the founder of NSPPD, a daily morning prayer meeting from 7:00 am.

He also saw his just concluded NSPPD UK conference talked about everywhere as over 50,000 thousands people were in attendance.It was a cocktail of mind-blowing testimonies of healings and miracles, From men and women abandoning wheel chairs and crutches, to blind eyes and deaf ears opening, the internet has gone agog with experiences of the Strange Acts of God from the meeting.


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