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Kenyan based Nigerian gospel music minister, Kingstan is out with his latest single titled “My God Is Greater” a simple sing-along song that eulogizes the greatness of God.

Kingstan, a songwriter, composer, and a worship Leader has previously released great songs like ‘Daalu’, ‘Lion of Judah’, ‘Ofufe’ and “Ebube” and now added “My God Is Great” to the list.

The song was produced, mixed, and mastered by Future Sam.

Download, Listen and share.

Download Kingstan – My God Is Greater

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“My God Is Greater” – The Lyrics

Intro:.. how many of you know we serve a great God?
Somebody give Jesus praise

All: You are the God of heaven and all the earth
You’re not a man you never lie
You sits upon your throne
Nobody made you God
My God is greater,greater than what people say
greater than what people say…..

Solo:. You are the God of heaven and all the earth
You’re not a man you never lie
You sits upon your throne
Nobody made you God
My God is great, greater than what people say.

Chorus: My God is great(2x)
Oh yes so great
Greater than what people say. (2x)

All: Greater, greater, greater, Greater than what people say

Bridge:. : Age to age
You never change
Mighty God you are Lord of all
You are God….(echo)
You are King….(echo)
You are Lord of Allecho)
Mighty Warrior
Ancient of days
We bow before you
Mountain mover
Healer, Helper , Eey

Interlude : put your hands together Pam, Pam,Pam
Pam Pam Pam
Put your hands together
Pam Pam Pam
Pam Pam Pam
Pam Pam Pam
Raise the praise
Make it louder

Solo: you are God of all creation and you rule in every nation oooh oh oh oh
All: your kingdom(3x)
No end
Solo: your kingdom has no end
All: your kingdom (3x)
No end
Solo: You’re the everlasting father,great and mighty God
All: great God
Solo:oh oh oh,Great God
All: great God
Solo:eh we dey praise U
All: Great God
Solo:we dey hail You
All: Great God
Solo:Great God Hossana in the highest
All: Great God
Solo: Lord we love you
All: Great God
Solo: Soon coming king
All: Great God
Solo: Great ,….
All: Great God.
Solo: you’re greater than all
All: Great God
Solo: You are Great

(Repeat chorus)
Ooh, you are Great and greatly to be praise
My God you’re Great
Greater than what people say

Facebook: Kingstan Ugo
Twitter: @kingstanmusic
Instagram: officialKingstan

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