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Gospel Musician MICHAEL AKINGBALA & FAITH ADEYINKA Beautiful Wedding

Award winning Gospel artiste Michael Akingbala, got married to the love of his life FAITH ADEYINKA


According to Minister Michael;

”Be all the glory
Honour dominion
To the lamb that was crucified……. HALLELUJAH

It’s of a truth that not everything a man desires that GOD will deliver to him. God did not answer the prayers I prayed in the year 2009/2010 about the kind of woman have ever wanted to marry and now I can see clearly why HE decided not to have answered those prayer points.

It’s 8days today when the LORD bless me with my best friend, my mother, my confidant, my heritage, my lover, my wife to mention but just a few for now…. HALLELUJAH

In this 8days, I have seen that the friendship inside, is deeper than the one outside.

Now and forever, I will never consider the container but the content in the container. I am glad to be called a MR and my wife be called a MRS.

God bless you my wife for the journey so far….. To my best friend, my woman, my love, my mother MRS FAITH ADEYINKA  AKINGBALA


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