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The Biography Of TkidecPraise

Ezeh Confidence Chinatu Popularly Known as TkidecPraise is a Nigerian Gospel Music Minister, singer, song writer, a composer and poet. He is the –in-chief of tkidec initiative the umbrella body of Tkidecpraise.


TkidecPraise:– the word TKIDEC in tkidecpraise is an acronym for taking initiative to divine Elected church. It is a calling of God to me raise a praise “Unto HIM inn all the nations of the earth. Thereby fulfilling His word in Isaiah 43vs 21 “The people I formed for myself that they may proclaim my praised.”

My zeal and love for music started during my childhood days asn a young chorister   at Saint Michael church Amatta. It did not stop there but the serious search for a perfect form of music led me severally into different forms of music. I became a disco-club deejay during my teenage years dishing out secular tunes night and day clubs.

I  also deluded into the appreciation of classical tunes when I joined the musical society of Nigeria (Muson) in 1993 as a classical music enthusiast. During these moments, I found no fulfillment as the music I heard could not give me the satisfaction I desperately yawned for.

I heard good secular songs but all were in praise of man and his reflections and emotion. The classical tunes were also good and unique but still lacked the essence of the spirit in me(The Holy Spirit).

It was not until I encountered my Lord Jesus Christ that gave me this special revelation of taking the praise of God Almighty to the ends of the earth. During this encounter I heard the heavenly ministration and received the great  fulfillment I otherwise had looked for. This call for His praise is for all especially those seeking the excellent spirit of praise in His house.

Since this call, God through our Lord Jesus Christ and inspiration of the Holy Spirit has granted me the grace and wisdom to hear the heavenly ministration. New every morning the Holy Spirit gives me spiritually new songs which I put down. Lately they have formed a huge collection. Some are Hymns(matthew 26 verse 30),psalms and spiritual songs (Colossians 3 vs 16).

Unworthy as I am yet God has given me a great measure of talent, like apostle Paul said “ I thank Christ Jesus our lord who hath enabled me. For that he counted me faithful, putting me unto the ministry” (I timothy 1 verse 12)

Brethren, join us as we send forth the praise of our God into the hearts of many igniting them for salvation and redemption.


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