Prinz Abiany – Imaramma

Prinz Abiany - IMARAMMA


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Another breath taking piece of music from Prinz Abiany, He titles this one “Imaramma” meaning ‘You are beautiful’ solidly delivered in a reggae style.
The Melody is capable of sweeping all lovers of reggae music off their feet’s to skiank from the depth of their hearts. This world class piece only comes as a seconder to his first single “God Alone” which brought him into lime light. He now expresses the greatness of Christ by calling him beautiful names of adoration.
You are surely going to be blessed and inspired by the accurately arranged instrumentals and top notch expertise of King Baseda for Final mix who sat over the mixing and mastering of this amazing piece.

About Prinz Abiany

Prinz Abiany is a Nigerian Gospel Artist who hails from Akwa Ibom state, He is popularly known for his first world class single titled “God Alone”. Seen by many as a motivational and inspirational minister, He has ministered across the country in crusade and retreats, seminars, concerts, carols, Revivals and conventions. His strength in praise music has attracted so many admirers as he has mentored many rising stars. He is a music director, Key vocalist in the Mega Hedge Mass choir, music writer, script writer and a motivational speaker.
He hopes to keep blessing lives with his amazing melodies in months and years to come.
King Baseda played it.

Prinz Abiany Imaramma LYRICS!

Ages will pass
Kingdoms will fade away
Rulers will die
But you will never go no were
Ages will pass
Kingdoms will fade away
Rulers will die
But you will never go no were
Ebube ai got only one prayer
May I be starring at the beauty of the king
Ebube ai got only one prayer
May I be starring at the beauty of your majesty.
Your beauty is the air that I breath
Your beauty is the song that I sing
Its the life that I live
The food that I eat
And every thing me do is just to tuale your majesty
One kind of praise is not enough
I got to give you all the praise
Am man enough
You are my pure and holy passion
Magnificent obsession
Wanna let the world know that you are my redemption (2x)


Immaramma.. Chukwu ebube

[Verse 2]

You are greater than the greatest lord
Ebube you’re stronger than the strongest man
Ain’t no one like you..
The rock of water in the desert
Even the pillar of fire in the midnight..
Ain’t no one like you…
I hear the little boy crying
Woi oh woi oh woi oh oooo
There is miracle in your name
Oh my God, oh my God
I love your name(I love ur name)
And I say
Je je je s- u-s ooooooooooooo
Ka se uboko uboko in your name
So take all the praise from my
Heart and from my soul I confess that you are


ImarammaehhhVictoria Orenze
Immaramma.. Chukwu ebube


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