Prince Jossy Ezelibe New Album Titled “Mighty In Battle

Prince Jossy A.K.A. Yori Yori Jesus has released a brand new Album Titled “Mighty In Battle

When ever any Album is released by Prince Jossy, Gospel
Music lovers just go out and buy it – knowing that he never
disappoints – All his Music are inspirationally composed,
recorded and mastered to ultimate perfection – because
Musically, he is nothing short of a born Genius – Even when he
resings old Songs, his rendition is by far better than the Original.
In this “Mighty In Battle” Release the very best ever of Prince
Jossy is manifested – the compositions are extremely
meaningful with a poerful lyrical message, the melody is
heavenly and the overall presentation is simply iressistible. The
Passion that is Romantically felt throughout the length of this
Music will without doubt make you fall more in love with God -our Greator and the provider of all good things who sent his
only begotten Son our Lord Jesus Christ to die that we may have
life and have it more abundantly.

The overwhelming effect of
this Albums eternal message and overall sweetness on you by
the time you have listened to any of the mesmerising Songs will
be that you will subconsciously find yourself lost in Praise &
Worship wherever you are – & literarilly start appreciating and
Thanking God for His goodness, favours and Grace upon your
life, your family’s, friends and well wishers. Buy it & Enjoy.

most especially, remember to recommed it to others – so they
can buy and enjoy it with you too. In that way, you’ll be fulfilling
your part to help spread the Good News to all of Mankind. God

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