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Muni Muni is a gospel song written, composed and sung by Olori Oba. Muni Muni is a song that eulogises God and talks about his might. It is about the unmatchable power of God.

It is a song inspired by the Holy Spirit in the place of worship. You’re sure encounter God and be blessed as you listen to this song.
Olori Oba – Muni Muni Lyrics
Yagbo yaju Okunrin ogun;
(Mighty man of battle)
L’Olorun ti mo gbojule:
(Is the God I depend on)
Oba ti ki leni ko to muni:
(The king that arrests without struggle)
Oba tin muni tenikeni olemu:
(The unarrrestable kin)
Ajipojo ikuda loba to bimi lomo:
(The ultimate changer is my father)
Oba to le pani ni tenikeni ole pa:
(The unkillable king)
Apata to shorokolu bi ogiri gbigbe:
(The unattackable rock)
Oun lo le koluni ti eni Keni ti olekolu:
(The unhittable hitter)
Gbani gbani lojo ogunle:
(Savour in the day of battle)
Gbani gbani ti aye n saya:
(The saviour that everyone runs to)
Gbani gbani lojo gbogbo:
(The Saviour everyday)
Agbani ma gbani timi:
(Ever ready to save)
(Un arrestable)
Beni Kosepa:
(Yes, he’s unkillable)
(He’s unhittable)
Gbani gbani Ayeraye:
(Everlasting Saviour)
Muni muni ti ko se mu;
(The arrester that cannot be arrested)
.Panipani ti ko sepa:
(The killer that is unkillable)
Akolu ni ti o se kolu:
(The hitter that cannot be hit)
Gbanigbani ma gbani ti ni:
(The saviour that’s ever ready to save)
Omomi koto momi:
(You knew me before you formed me)
Oyan mi kato bi mi:
(You chose me before I was born)
Emi to do l’aworan ara re:
(You created me in your own image)
Iba re ni ma fi gbogbo aye mi ju:
(I’ll Worship you all my life)
Ayeraye eh eh eh eh ayeraye:
(Everlasting God)
Ayeraye eh eh eh eh ayeraye:
(Everlasting God)
Obi ti lo pin:
(King without end)
Oba ti ko le pin:
(The king that has no end)
(Everlasting God.)

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