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JAHDA Clothing launches Flashlight Hood Outfits & Face Caps | 2017 Summer Collection

JAHDA clothing have yet again launched a new series of hood outfits and face caps ‘Flashlight collection‘ to its already booming collections of ‘JAGABAN‘ agbada outfits.

The lagos-based clothing outfit which Is managed by‎ celebrity Stylist ‎and fashion designer‎, Opusunju Daniel, officially released pictures of the new hood and face caps and announced that stocks are available to meet the clothing demands of Nigerians.

Jahda Flash Light Face Cap

In a statement signed by the CEO of JAHDA clothings, Opusunju Daniel, the new design is a shift from the signature ‘traditional pop attire’ the fashion house is known for‎ over the years. “The new collection was inspired out of curiosity and a desire for new stuffs that attracts attention easily. Attention of Nigerians who are fashion conscious across all gender and age“‎. ‎

Jahda Flash Light Face Hood

Opusunju who is also a creative designer and official stylist for Korede Bello, Woli Arole and consults for some notable fabric companies like Vlisco, Woodin, also said the new outfits are eco-friendly and are made from the finest materials. “The flashlight summer collection is carefully crafted and we put into consideration, Nigeria’s weather. Sometime it can get really hot and sometime it can get really cold; the collection just fits perfectly. Other designers could adopt my originality and thirst for exceptional designs, just like in the case of ‘JAGABAN’. But as long as my originality is not stolen from me“.

Only recently, the company announced that its signature ‘Jagaban’ attire, which is a one-sleeved agbada has become ‎a major design for Nigerians and believes that the hood will do well in the Nigerian market. Also bearing in mind that the Government and meaningful Nigerians are advocating for ‘buy Nigeria’ and also boost sectors like agriculture and the textile industries.

Opusunju explained explained that the new attire is strategically tailored for all pockets‎ and can be purchased online and at clothing stores within Lagos. ‎”The new collection can be gotten easily‎ and orders can be made with delivery at an unimaginable timeframe. The outfits are unisex and comes in different colours and sizes.

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