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Joseph Matthew Set to Drop New Single, Promise Land

Joseph Matthew Set to Drop New Single, Promise Land

Renowned and soulful singer-songwriter Joseph Matthew announces the upcoming release of his latest single, “Promise Land,” set to drop this month, 7th July 2023.

Speaking on the release, Joseph says; “Promise Land” narrates an amazing tale of love, hope, and the journey to finding one’s true self.”

“Its compelling storytelling transcends boundaries, effortlessly connecting with audiences from various backgrounds.

This song promises to captivate listeners with its heartfelt lyrics, enchanting melodies, and vocal prowess.” – he concludes.

This single showcases Joseph’s growth as an artist while retaining the elements that have endeared him to his dedicated fanbase. His emotive vocals paired with a hauntingly beautiful melody “create a sonic experience that resonates deeply with listeners, leaving them yearning for more.”

Joseph Matthew’s passion for creating meaningful and authentic music is palpable in every note of “Promise Land,” making it an unforgettable listening experience.

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