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Audio: God is Not a Man” – Uduak EJ Affirms in New Single

Culled from the pages of the Holy Bible is this message of hope  to the one who is losing faith in God because of the surrounding situations and facts around the one,One who is questioning the validity of God’s word and his promises because it seemingly isn’t the picture it painted. Dont lose hope,don’t distrust the very word that can set you free. God is not man,he tells no lie. Every word spoken will be fulfilled.


LYRICSYou’ve been hurt by the many liesEven the truth you know still leaves you bound And when the preacher gives you a word from the lordYou say, there goes another lieSee, the rains may not fall and the flowers budDo not be blind to see the God of miracles doing as he said
For God is not a manHe cannot lie He will not lie 
Wait for the appointed timeSays the preachermanGod will make things beautiful in his time But Times have passed and seasons goneit’s seems like God’s word is failingYou have tarried for so longHoping you’ll sing that joyful songRejoice again I say rejoice o barren womanSing like the one who has children 
For God is not a manHe cannot lieHe will not lie

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