[Event] RE-UNION CONCERT & LIVE RECORDING – Michael Akingbala

[Event] RE-UNION CONCERT - Michael Akingbala

Michael Akingbala, a Nigerian gospel singer, pianist and music director who will play a host to this great and powerful men, pastor kunle Ajayi, Minister Emeka Madubata, Minister Gbenga Akindenwa at RE-UNION CONCERT & LIVE RECORDING.

The parish pastor of City Of Palms, Rccg , pastor Aderinsoye Aladegbongbe will also be present at this wonderful and power-packed program.

According to the Convener ”Over the years, have been asked alot of questions why didn’t I come up with a concert like my other colleagues, but my answer has been God hasn’t spoken and now God has spoken, its all about Propagating God’s Kingdom.

RE-UNION CONCERT is a way of exhortation to God Almighty for all he has done. It is a program that touches life and projects the gospel world wide.

RE-UNION CONCERT is scheduled for June 11th ,2023.

Venue: Anthony village;34/36 Faramobi Ajike street, Anthony village, Lagos.

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