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Yomi Olabisi also known as Yomi Apala is a Nigerian songwriter, performing artist and recording artist who hails from Oyo state, NIGERIA. He is a Civil Engineering graduate but a full-time music minister. After the successful release of his first single ‘ATETEKOSE’ he has been on the move and causing a great wave in gospel music. The Lagos-based music minister is known for an exceptional delivery with his style of music he called ‘afrodigenous’’ which is a blend of modern African and indigenous rhythm.

He had performed alongside top gospel music sensation in the country. Yomi Olabisi is one of the young rising stars in gospel music with a strong passion for God.

The Nigerian afrodigenous music minister, has released his new single BIGI DIILI (Big Deal).

The song is about the goodness of God that we overlook. We live in a life where we are not sure of what will happen tomorrow, many things happen to people around us that we cannot even explain. Waking up, being active, putting on clothe and looking like human being should not be taken for granted…it is a BIG DEAL. It is a modernized classical apala tune that will keep you to your feet as you put it on replay, as produced by Ade Anibaba.

Saying his mind after the recording, the artiste confessed, “Big Deal is not just a song, it is my story. I wrote the song as a result of what I have been through and how God has been faithful to me…it’s indeed a BIG DEAL.”

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Call: This God na baba He don do am for me ohun ti moro wipe o le
Resp: bigi bigi bulesin o naso He give me, I come dey wonde o na who be this God, He bless
Me yafunyafun ehn na Him be baba.
Call: E je a singing Resp: e je a singing
Call: s’olori aye Resp: e je a singing
Call: e gbOluwa tobi Resp: e je a singing


Call: telemi kalo o e ganni a Fiji
Resp: iroyin o t’afojuba iroyin o t’afojuba Yomi Olabisi lo te pepe o e, agogo komi a ro…sekere ko tele…omele bata komi a ro…onijasi ma safira…iya ilu fohun re ki ngbo…o tiya Samueli bami filu si…se ripe numba yi yato ijo Jesu titun la gbede.
Call: ijo Jesu e gbo titun ta gbede Resp: se ripe numba yi yato…


Call: no be small thing o elegbe moni
Resp: no be small thing
Ise iyanu baba o koja be careful o, no be small thing
Call: ise Oluwa Resp: no be small thing


Call: I get many ma…
Resp: many reason to dey thanki God o
(tori) eniyan ti o le ronu ani kini bigi diili, se wipe mowa laye p emo nwoso sorun o mon lo mo nbo layo kiwa ni big deal?
Call: alaimore Resp: it is a big deal


Call: mo dibo fun Jesu Resp: mo dibo fun
Call: carry me dey go Jehovah carry me dey go dey go dey go
Resp: carry me dey go Jehovah carry me dey go dey go dey go


Call: take me higher Jehovah take me higher higher higher
Resp: take me higher Jehovah take me higher higher higher

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