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Shalom Braide

Shalom Braide Biography

Shalom Braide Biography

Shalom Tamuno-oloboyeolom Braide was born 1st September, 1988 to the family of Pastor and Pastor Mrs Braide and hails from Buguma in Kalabari Kingdom, Rivers state, Nigeria. His strong Christain values and early exposure to music was from his father who was the first Regional Music Director of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God (Region 5). He recalls morning devotions where the whole family would sing in harmony to songs and with his dad on the piano or guitar (which were his core instruments), the atmosphere felt so exhilarating which incited his yearning for music.

By his teen days, he was already heading the Teens Choir of his church and by now could already play the piano and drums but his love for vocal harmonies pushed him to discover some music directors from urban contemporary gospel groups and choirs which satisfied his music appetite such as Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett and GA, Donald Lawrence and Tri city group, James Fortune and FIYA, to mention but a few, eventually influencing his music style.

He has a strong nag for excellence causing him to always opt for knowledge and garner new skills that prove useful to his passion. Some of his skills include; piano, drums, bass guitar, music theory (Grade 5 MUSON), sight reading, music composition and arrangement, songwriting, a gospel music minister and worship leader. He is also currently enrolled to take the American Board of Royal School of Music exams in November. He is also a graduate of Petrochemical Engineering from the Rivers state University of Science and Technology where he also won the respect of his friends and lecturers and many awards and positions for his academicals.

He has served in various capacities in the Redeemed Christian church of God as Parish Youth Choir Music Director 2008, Area Choir Music Director (2009),  Peace Chapel Zonal Choir Technical Team (2009), Rivers Province 1 Music Technical Team (2010), Rivers Province 1 Youth Choir Assistant  Music Director (2010 – 2016), Ogun State Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship choir Music Director (2017), Messiah’s Praise Sanctuary Technical Team and Musicians Team Lead (2017 – 2018), Redemption Camp Community Carol Choir ( Assistant Music Director 2017, Music Director 2018, Assistant Music Director 2019), Marathon Messiah’s Praise, MMP 76 Hrs, 77 Hrs, 78 Hrs (Assistant Project Manager, Music Unit and Co-Music Director for the Volunteer Praise Team, (2018, 2019, 2020)), National Pastor’s Seed Family Minstrels  (National Representative to Region 5, Technical Team, 2018, Assistant Head of Department, 2019), Discovery Centre, Nu Wine Choir Music Director 2019, Messiah’s House Choir (2020).

He has composed several songs  for groups and choirs, some of which are being sung in local churches and during his lives performances. He released his debut single “WONDERFUL” on the 10th of July, 2020 which was highly anticipated by family, friends and fans.

His vision is to reach the world with God’s Love, a message of Hope and Restoration, to raise a sound of Worship and Adoration and to know our Identity as Gods people, with his music.

His core values are Discipline, Love and Integrity. He is currently based in Redemption Camp, Ogun State with his beautiful wife and daughter. 



+234 818 531 2643

[email protected]

Instagram: @shalombraide

Twitter: @shalombraide 

Facebook: Shalom Braide 

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