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Pastor Paul Enenche Shares Amazing Testimony

Pastor Paul Enenche has encouraged Christians not to allow anything to come between them and their commitment to God and his Kingdom.

Dr. Paul Enenche who dedicated a 100,00 capacity church auditorium last year shared an inspiring story with the Congregation

Years ago, a billionaire told me “I want you to have a house in my Estate” and I said to him “How is that?” He said “Come and see the house. It is a 7 bedroom Duplex with basement and so on. If you see it and you like it, then I will tell you what’s on my mind”

Now, if you’re a human being like me, what rings on your mind is either you are about to get a free gift, or you are about to get a highly subsidised gift. But he wanted us to go there at the time of Healing and Deliverance Service.

I told him ”Excuse me, Healing and Deliverance Service is happening now. I won’t be able to go now. Can we go later?” He said “No. It has to be now.” Do you know that there are some gifts you can get and lose your destiny in return? I told him “In that case I won’t be able to go now.”

He never came back. At that time I was a full time Pastor (and I’m still a full time Pastor) living in a rented house. What a temptation! We were in a rented apartment for 13 years with Churches being built across the nation.

And I said “I can’t go” because your dedication to God means nothing comes between you and your commitment to God. Nothing! Not even the prospect of a free house. And God saw it. And God must have sat in Heaven and said “that is my boy!”

I do not consider house today as a testimony. If I come and ever share testimony of a house, that will be insanity.

There are houses we have been given that we have not seen. The last time I travelled to America, somebody brought me house papers.

In America there. The person lives in America and is not a member of our church! I didn’t have time to see the house.

I haven’t seen it till today. And I don’t know when I will see it because House is not my priority. God is my priority. He said “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness…”

Don’t ever allow anything come between you and your commitment to God!

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