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Onespirit annual conference 2023 | Koinonia

Onespirit annual conference 2023 | Koinonia

Life happens, and when it does, issues tuck up. Issues we have restricted others from accessing including ourselves. Because the memories and lessons learned are encapsuled with unpleasantness. Since the old must one day give way for the new, there’s a place for total transparency and intimacy with a being that can see through those broken tears, and feeble knees, and still call you beautiful. Where weakness collides with grace and be turned to strengths; where you and I and everyone receives pardon and grace to be launched into the new. It can only be in the place of intimacy and fellowship.
Onespirit ministries, a non- denominational assembly, presents another brand new edition of her annual conference, themed: Koinonia. come December 27th, 2023. At Salama Baptist Church Kujama, Kaduna State, Nigeria
The aura of love, glory, and his Grace.Come one. Come all.

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