[Music+Video]: Nigeria We Stand – Captain Philip ft Aghogho, Babatope, Obinna & Amina Gold

Captain Philip celebrates Nigeria at 60 with a new single titled Nigeria We Stand featuring Aghogho, Babatope, Obinna & Amina Gold

Nigeria we stand is a song that cuts across the length, breadth, culture, tribes, religion
and political barrier of our national existence and it is also a clarion call to all and sundry
to rise up as one man and build a nation we can call our home.

According to Captain, It is time to put aside our differences and unify with a common force, shoulder to shoulder, mam to man and let us lift up the banner of righteousness and love over and above injustice and hate.

Nigeria We Stand Captain Philip

About The Artiste

Captain Philip is a gospel music minister, a lover of God, a firm believer in Jesus Christ lead singer, and a songwriter. He hails from the ancient City of Benin. He is made his debut single/album in 2018 followed by other singles.


Among other songs he has released is this timely song Nigeria We Stand which he believes is a message that can bring together a great people in spite of the challenges in our country, the diversity in our nationality can become the strong tool for a better tomorrow.

Lyrics: Nigeria We Stand By Captain Philip

Like a grain hid in the earth

Despised, rejected and unseen

With hope so frail but hard to kill

Rising from the mud

Breaking through the rocks

We’re rising up to build our land



Nigeria we stand

And together build our land

Walking shoulder to shoulder

Man to man

Building a land we’ll call our home

With the hope that we possess

A New Nigeria we run for



Arise O’ Compatriot

Nigeria’s call obey

Our fatherland we’ll serve

With love and strength and faith

No turning back

We’re moving onward

Delivering the future we believe


Email address: captainosas2_4@yahoo.com
Facebook: Captain Philip
Instagram: captainphilipmusic
Phone Number: +234(0)7037959116

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