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David Marvelous is one whose heart desires to always give thanks to God for everything, no matter the challenges of life. She is a true Worshipper.
A singer and a songwriter. This has brought her to the understanding of who God is and what God does in the lives of his people through the power of worship, which her life is a living proof of the awesome power of God through worship.
The grace and passion for singing has been there from her childhood, but the clear revelation of becoming a Gospel singer came in the year 2011. Right in the midst of the crises surrounding that year’s election, God was giving her so many songs, and God also spoke to her and say (YOU MUST CONTINUE TO SING FORTH OF MY GREATNESS AT ALL TIMES, IN GOOD TIMES AND IN BAD TIMES, FOR WHAT I HAVE DONE AND FOR WHAT I HAVE NOT DONE.

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