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Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke – “Bone of My Bone” and “Nwunye Oma M” Mp3 Download

Download Evang. Chijindum Ugwoke - “Bone of My Bone” and “Nwunye Oma M”

The inspiration for my song “Bone of My Bone” comes from a truly amazing gift from God: my wife. In 2016, on December 25th, I met her through my younger brother. Growing up in a Christian family, I felt that year it was time to settle down. However, expressing my feelings directly has always been challenging for me. The thought of saying “I love you” or “I want to marry you” seemed rigid and difficult. So, I turned to my family for help finding a suitable wife.
They presented me with six potential partners, leading to a new wave of confusion. Seeking guidance, I went on a spiritual retreat and prayed to God for a sign to recognize my “bone of my bone” among them. When I returned home on Christmas Day, the first woman my family introduced me to was my wife. In that moment, God gifted me the sign I had prayed for.
Today, blessed by the Almighty, we have three beautiful children: two girls and a boy. In 2022, I felt compelled to compose “Bone of My Bone” as a tribute to this profound gift of love and family. – He said about the song.
“Nwunye Oma M” on the other hand is a song dedicated for occasions like Traditional Wedding.
Both songs are now available for streaming across all digital platforms.
Bone of My Bone: HERE
Nwunye Oma M: HERE

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