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Ere Uhunmwen by Blessing O.J Mp3 Download

Download Ere Uhunmwen by Blessing O.J

Blessing O.J, an internationally renowned gospel music artiste, has recently unveiled her much-anticipated song titled “Ere Uhunmwen,” which translates to “Nor be my head oh” in Nigerian English. The track showcases Blessing O.J’s captivating vocals and powerful lyrics that resonate with listeners on a spiritual level.

With a blend of traditional Nigerian influences and modern production, “Ere Uhunmwen” is a testament to Blessing’s versatility as an artist and her ability to connect with audiences across different cultures.

Fans of gospel music can expect an uplifting and soul-stirring experience when they listen to this new release from Blessing O.J.

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*I wee emwanmwan neghian mwanwmaen
(All)- ere uhunmwen ooo
* iko nee uwako
(All)- ere uhunmwen ooo
*Emwanmweghian hia
(All)- ere uhunmwen ooo
(All)- Aigbovbiosa ekueku, ovbie ijesu mekhin.

Aiguosa tile
Omwanrokpa Setin lelosa gbina.
Nosoghe utukpueran,egbere osogho
Weriegbe bue nogie uhun.
Ebenohuanren ghare, ghe riobo kaen emon nihanor zee.
Ghe ruiyan emwindan.
Emwanmwan neghian mwanwmaen, maeghimwen oghae vbo,
Ere uhunmwen oooo.
Okueran gha kuiri, uhunmwen noyamuen ooo.
Nee oloke ere egbe woo oooo.

* Ere uhunmwen – Ere uhunmwen oooo
* iko nuwako,iko nuwako rhumwudamwen
Ere uhunmwen oooo
*Emwanmweghian hia- ere uhunmwen ooo
Aghigbovbiosa- Aigbovbiosa ekueku, ovbie ijesu mekhin (2x)

Nosuabe akhokho
mamien esagien noyahasa oooo
Obo novbokhan mugbe okuta, uhuenren nomueyan o.

Orumwen uhi gha de vbugbefen mwen.
Uhi igbe ghi de vbe obe eromwan oooo
Rhunmwunda memwen ijesu oooo
Tabiemwen vbenaghe Oduma
Ugha ghoyo ghore,weighi mie otomwen ooooo
Weriegbe bue nogie uhun oo.

*Ere uhunmwen – ere uhunmwen ooo
*Iko nuwako,iko nuwako rhumwudamwen – ere uhunmwen ooo
Emwanmweghian hia- Ere uhunmwen ooo
Aghigbovbiosa – Aigbovbiosa ekueku gho vbijesu mekhin.

English Translation

*I say the plans of the enemies
All-Not in my head ooo
* The meeting they held
All- Not in my head ooo
* The plans of all the enemies
All- Not in my head ooo
* You don’t touch God’s own
All- You can’t touch God’s own, am a child of Jesus Christ.

*You don’t contend with the Lord
*Nobody can battle with my God ooo
*He that shakes the stump shake itself
*Back to sender.
*The holy book says
*Touch not my annoited and do my prophets no harm
*We are not part of our enemies plans
* Nor be my head ooo
* When you tie bundles of wood together,you carry it with your head oooo
*It is he that climbs the hill that will be tired.


*He that knocks the head of a knife
* He pays with his blood
*The hand that the child hits on the stone,is always placed in his head
* Not my head head ooo
* A thousand may fall at my side
*And ten thousand at my right ooo
Because I have Jesus,I am born like a Lion.
*When you hoover around, you can’t get my details
Back to sender.

Not in my head ooo……..

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