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Austin Adigwe Love In Crisis [Free Mp3 & Video + Lyrics]

As the coronavirus spreads around the world – forcing government officials to declare states of emergency, shutting down entertainment events and creating a trove of memes – it has also sparked an unlikely new trend: catchy songs meant to educate and to encourage one another

Now, as cases of COVID-19 continue to grow outside Nigeria and Africa, different countries are pushing out songs urging people to take precautions.

A Gospel artist known as Austin Adigwe has composed a fine tune to educate the public to stay healthy This song is dedicated to the current world health crisis

We have to change the world, All we need is love right now. Wickedness in the world has angered God
The song ends with a message urging listeners to love one another.

This is a very touching jam and we hope our leaders get to hear this and turn from their Selfish ways and let Love Lead.

Big kudos to Austin Adigwe , this is indeed a loving jam, let love lead even in the market place, because traders are hiking price for their own interest to the masses.

Download Love In Crisis By Austin Adigwe mp3

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YouTube video

The story of Noah
Sodom and Gomorah
These were cities destroyed
For their wicked hearts
But God spared Nineveh
For the city did turn away
From its wicked ways and sins that brought reproach.

For in this crisis
Oh, let love lead the way
Helping one another
Helping those in need
For the God of the good times
Is the same God of Bad times
He will show us mercy
When we learn to love 2x

We pray for our Doctors
Nurses and all Health Workers
Who put their lives on the line to save the world
We are helpless, we are defenseless
Oh Christ, show mercy
Heal the world


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