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Solomon Ugo an Enugu State born worship leader and songwriter, is out with his first ever single titled “Jehovah Reigns”.

Speaking about the song, Solomon said; “Never been so expectant of anything in my dear life like I am of this gift of the Holy Spirit to the body of Christ… “Tell them how I reign over the affairs of men” “Through the greatness of My power, My enemies submit themselves to Me.” “I have power to kill and power to make alive…” God Reigns over every circumstances and issues of life.



Jehovah Reigns

Oh lamb of God

You reign in power and might

Among the God’s

No one compares to You

You are the King

Who does what he pleased

Your ways and Your thought

No man can phatom

Lord You reign

You reign on high


Jehovah reign

You reign

In all the earth

Jehovah reign

You reign on high

The Lord reigneth

Let the Kings and Nations tremble

He reigns in might

At His voice all demons tremble

Jehovah Reigns

Over every circumstances

He reigns

His clothed in majesty

Lord You reigns

You reign on high


Lift up your hands to Him

No man can be compare to Jesus

He is stronger than the strongest

Greater than the Greatest

The mighty man of valour



Oh Lord You reign

You reign

Oh Lord You reign

You reign

You reign in might and splendor

You reign

Through the greatness of Your power


Your enemies submit themselves to You

You reign



Solomon is a minister with the passion of enthroning Jesus the Christ and His government in all the Nations of the earth through the solemn sound of worship.

Empowered by the Precious Spirit of the Eternal One to create an atmosphere for His presence thence minister healings to the lives of men through solemn sounds of worship.

The song was Produced By Walker On Da Beat.

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