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You Are The God I Know By Minister EMO

Emmanuel Mathias Okwuçhukwu is popularly known as Minister EMO a native of Enugu State, Nigeria; a gospel artist, songwriter, composer, and a minister who minister’s the word via song and character. He did a single titled ‘God of everything’ and now presents this soul-lifting song titled’ You are the God I know.

You are the God I know is a powerful song given to my mum by the Holy Spirit to enable Christians hold on to their God by personal encounter not just by reading, hearing, preaching and singing about Him. It makes you pray and reminds you of the faithful servants of God of old like Daniel, Elijah, St Paul, Moses, Abraham, Job, Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego etc who knew, believe in their God by encounter and perform miracles in His name.

I strongly believe that God gave us this song to make us strong, prayerful, to deliver, heal and bless our hearts as we listen and meditate on the words day by day. It is written in the books of Daniel 11:32 “for those that know their God shall be strong and do exploits”. May Almighty God bless every one of you who seeks Him diligently.

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Intro: Thank you Jesus

Where would I have been without you



Lead: You are my Redeemer

Jesus you are my comforter

You are my Defender

Yahweh you are my Provider

You are the God I know 4x(chorus)


You’re my Redeemer

Back up repeat the lead then continue the chorus

Lead Chant: you are the God I know 2x

You mend the broken heart

You raise the dead to life

You chase demons away

You that worked upon the sea

You divided the sea and made a way for me


Interlude: I know you Jesus……..

Thank you for the encounter  oh!


Verse: it’s not just to hear about you

It’s not just to read about you

I had to go and encounter you

Oh just to know you more and more


It’s not just to preach about you

It’s not just to sing about you

I had to come and encounter you oh

Just to know you more and more  say!


Back up repeat the verse


Chant and chorus comes again


You’re You’re You’re

Back up continue the lead and chorus while I do the last chant below


Last chant: you are the God I know 5x

You are the Alpha and and Omega

You are the God I know

Your name is Yahweh the conqueror

You’re the God I know

In all condition in any situation

Oh You are the God I know

You are the king of the universe

At the mention of your name Jesus…

Every knee must bow down and every tongue must confess You Lord Jesus you are God


We worship you 2x

Thank you Jesus!

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