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We are not exactly sure what RCCG’s One Hallelujah Records is up to

We were excited.

Actually, any platform like ours committed to promoting church culture in Nigeria would have been genuinely excited too, when in August 2017, RCCG officially launched One Hallelujah Records. One Hallelujah Records is the official record label and gospel music platform of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Their mission is simple; provide our home grown gospel music artistes a viable platform to project their talents in a coordinated manner and channel them towards the furtherance of the gospel and for the larger benefits of the body of Christ. But, you know these things they say about good intentions, right?

After the launch of the record label and the official signing in of artistes like Nathaniel Bassey, Funke Akinokun, Michael Akingbala, Tosin Bee, Femi Okunuga, Bukola Bekes etc. by virtue of their membership in The Redeemed Christian Church of God. The artistes signed unto the label were thereafter given a cheque of 1 million Naira each by Leke Adeboye, son of The General Overseer of the RCCG who also doubles as the head of the label. That was the last we heard from them, except of course, when they had their Business of Music Conference.

We have been to their website and social media platforms which, in all honesty, doesn’t say much and hardly reveals as much quality as we really desire.

And, We get the idea.

What Christ Embassy has done with Loveworld Records and COZA, with the Gratitude is so legendary and deserves to be replicated. But, if we ever desire to replicate something of that magnitude and impact, we would need to overcome the initial excitement to build a platform and get our hands to work immediately. Whatever is really worth doing is worth doing very very well, especially when its The Master’s work.

Many hardly know what The One Hallelujah Record is, what they do and their mission. Many of these artistes are known individually but, as members of a record label? Maybe not!

In our opinion, a tour within Nigeria and hopefully, beyond, an open worship concert, a collective single should be the priority of One Hallelujah Records. In fact, a talent hunt or the christianese substitute (since we might never agree about Christians and talent hunts) should be held because as far as we are concerned, those who really need the record label are stuck in teens choir, or might have never encountered God in the first place. And those currently signed to the label could suffice as mentors.

Or are we just plainly in a hurry and we should give them some more time?


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