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Minister Nene Olajide blessed us with a wave of  mighty sound titled– “PRAY” in the early phase of 2020, a song in which she encouraged women to become living altars in the place of prayer.
Zokwo Manai (The good way) was  received and written by Nene Olajide. And beyond the barriers of culture.
Zokwo  Manai( The God way) is not just a song. But an altar raised in immense gratitude of the revelation received of this one and only way- Jesus.
The way that is good and ever safe. The way of wisdom. The way of the eternal Spirit, even he the Spirit of truth.
ZOKWO MANAI — a song sung in the Gbagyi language and mixed with drops of English, drags our feet to the feet of Jesus, who himself is this way of which we sing and preach about.
The song received a very warm welcome from worshippers around who could comprehend the deep message that the song carried.
Nene Olajide, a gospel minister resident in the northern part of Nigeria (crooner of the popular ‘komai na naka ne’), hereby reserves all rights and ownership of this song- titled; “Zokwo Manai” (The good way)

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