JJ Hairston – Everything I Need (Feat. Brittney Wright & Leah Leach)

Gospel Music artist, songwriter and worship leader, JJ Hairston presents “Everything I Need (Feat. Brittney Wright & Leah Leach)” off his album, “Not Holding Back“.

Not Holding Back is available to purchase and stream at all major platforms.

JJ Hairston Everything I Need Ft. Brittney Wright

Listen To “Everything I Need (Feat. Brittney Wright & Leah Leach)” Below:


“Everything I Need”
(feat. Brittney Wright & Leah Leach)

As the deer panteth for the water my soul
It longeth after thee; longeth after thee
So I turned away from everything that would keep me from you
You are all I need

And because of you, I will thirst no more
You are the fountain that will never run dry

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You are my savior
You are my provider
You are my healer
No one can heal like you
No one is greater than you

No one bigger
No one stronger
There’s no God like you


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