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Akwibom/Edo State Up-and-coming Nigerian gospel singer-songwriter Edet Uyime popularly known as Dollar Promo has just released his debut single titled “Blessings,” produced by Echris.

The song is a celebration of blessings, expressing gratitude for health, wealth, and life. Rooted in faith, it conveys optimism for a promising 2024. It pays tribute to maternal love, acknowledging personal challenges and emphasizing the contrast between negativity and positivity. Specific references, including the pandemic’s impact, ground the song in contemporary challenges.

The use of terms like “chucing” adds a celebratory tone. Overall, the inspiration is a heartfelt acknowledgment of life’s precious elements, giving glory to God.



[Verse 1]
Manna feel so blessed that I can’t really thank the Lord God enough for the blessings of my health, my wealth, and for the blessings of my life

For it is the real cry of the Nations: God please hear our cry the cry of all prayers Let be positive
2024 is gonna be sure, like milk and honey Just be strong with God double your hustle

Grace we need congrats to the takers and taking to the hustlers
We all go reach our destination, one love to youth is all about blessings.

[Chorus] Blessings in my Life, I’ve got a lot of blessings in my life 2x
Blessings in my life. Thank God for the blessings in my life. 2x

[Verse 2] It’s all about the blessing of the mothers
Mummy is too good to me 9 months is not a little thing
I came into this world if not my mum tell me where I could be,

I don’t really know what is really wrong with the Devil
Is trying to kill to steal, and to destroy.

A lot of pains of the Christians Indians are suffering Corona came

Yhh now we are still suffering again O’ God, thank God me, I’m still alive
2020 just past just like that, nobody died, My family and friends are okay, we are taking vibes in the day and night.

We smoking chucing is all about the blessings
Blessings of the Lord

Blessing of the Mothers

Blessing of the Orphans
Blessings of the Widows
Our children are blessings they don’t know

[Chorus] Blessings in my Life: I’ve got a lot of blessings in my life 2x
Blessings in my life. Thank God for the blessings in my life. 2x

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