For as many that were looking for the Cost of Gospel Music Promotion in Nigeria or Asking How much does it cost to promote a Gospel song in Nigeria? don’t worry We got your back, on this article we will be breaking down  everything in details for you to understand and the importance of promotion

Artists are now beginning to see the importance of promoting their music. There are various ways of promoting your content in Nigeria and Worldwide,

Like I always tell people that if you want to get the world’s attention let your target be on Nigerians, when you get Nigerians you get Africa and for you to do this you have to start with Lagos State, Channel your promotions on the Lagosians, once you get Lagos attention! the whole world will listen to your music ✍️this is one of the deep secrets about Africa music

Let’s continue our discussion for today please, we are talking about cost of promoting gospel music in Nigeria

People do ask if it’s affordable to promote gospel music in Nigeria as an upcoming or made artist?

Yes, it is possible, it only depends on the kind of results you want, the breakdown will explain better.

The cost for promoting your music can range from N30,000 to N4,000,000 and above depending on the services you want to use for the promotion.

This breakdown is similar to a music strategy, which means it involves the various costs of promoting services.

These are the basic promotional services needed for an artist, let us know in the comment section if you want a more comprehensive cost for music promotion which entails things like Cost for promotion on streaming services, the cost for influencer marketing and lots more




Distributing your music to stores like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and lots more. The cost for distribution is  N15,000 for a single or 40,000 for an Album.


Social media promotion allows you to promote your next single, E.P, Album to new audiences who could become fans and also if you have a story to share regarding your new single (song) with similar audiences you can use social media promotion.

Virtually all artist – upcoming and made artists make use of social media promotion

The cost of promotion on Social media ranges from N10,000 to N500,000 and above.

Note: The higher the budget for social media promotion, the larger the audience you can reach and the more fans you would get.

Social media promotion for your music involves promotion on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


Cost of a radio promotion in Nigeria varies, and this is so because it’s a service offered by various radio stations. Usually, radio stations in Nigeria do not accept payment to play your song.

But one way to guarantee your music to be played on a radio station is going through music promotional companies or individual promoters, you would be charged based on the level of the radio station, the bigger the radio station, the higher the cost for radio promotion.

Cost of promoting radio stations in Nigeria ranges from N160,000 for 12 Radio stations or N400,000 Nationwide all dependent on the type of radio stations.

Please note that the money you are paying to promotional companies or individual promoters are used to settle the Radio OAP’s so they can have the urge to play your song and also the cost of service rendered is included.

However, there are still radio stations that would charge you a fee for promoting directly on their stations.


Very similar to radio promotion, TV promotion involves promoting on TV stations both local and national stations which include Trace Gospel, Wazobia Max,Ait Lagos, Dove TV, TVC News, Ait Portharcourt, Silverbird Lagos, GalaxyTv,MiTV, Ltv, Supercreen tv and lots more.

Cost of promotion on TV Station ranges from N120,000 to N800, 000 depending on the TV station involved.


Do you have a music video on YouTube and you want to promote your video to reach as many people as possible?

Then the cost of promoting your music video on YouTube ranges from N20,000 to N1,000,000 and above.

The larger the budget, the higher the audience you can reach, meaning more people would see your music video on YouTube


There is always a headquarters of any industry. Alaba being the headquarters of the Nigerian music marketers , you should familiarize yourself with the people at Alaba. Try to get your song on the monthly Alaba Gospel mixtape,  Most Nigerian celebrity and superstar musicians went to Alaba for promotion in their upcoming days even till now. That’s the home for Nigerian music and movie marketers. Imagine what a contact at Alaba will do for your musical career AllBaze are  working with top 20  Gospel Promoters in Alaba which Johnwealth Music Global is the No.1 Alaba Gospel Music Marketer and Promoter

Then the cost of promoting your music on Alaba Gospel mix ranges from N20,000 to N1,000,000 and above.


The truth is that you cannot do promotion without bloggers, just imagine 200,000 people downloading your song in just one blog, that is enough to make your music sell, talk less of you using all the whole gospel music blogs all over the world for promotion that means sky is your beginning, in Nigeria only, we have over 60 registered Websites under IACMP the gospel bloggers association and Allbaze Media has successfully partnered with all other bloggers in the world with the help of this music publishers your song will reach all over the world and they will help you package your brand online

Then the cost of promoting your music on all Gospel Music Blogs both top and small  ranges from N60,000 to N150,000 and above


Determining the actual cost of music promotion isn’t possible, because there are lots of factors that go into budgeting.

How you can determine the cost of your music promotion is by first determining what promotional services you want for your music and then cost each service to give you a total.

Now you have an idea of what Nigeria promoting cost for music is. While you think about the cost of promotion we encourage you to keep producing Good Content as that is the first step to becoming a great artist.

Feel free to ask questions, for more explanation, no amount is too small for promotion but the details above will guide you on how to plan yourself, promotions depends on your budget, call us now to guide you, with AllBaze Media Limited you are covered

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Cost of Gospel Music Promotion in Nigeria

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