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AUDIO: A Woman by Mama Lucee

International music minister, an anointed Nigerian multi-award winning gospel reggae/worship artist. Lucy Awe Peters commonly known as Mama Lucee has release a brand-new hit Reggae single titled “A Woman”

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LYRICS: “A Woman” by Mama Lucee

Oh ya eh

[Chorus 1]
It’s so wonderful to be, to be a woman(2×)
Huuu to be, to be be a woman
It’s beautiful to be, to be a woman
Huu to be , to be a woman
Here in God’s Kingdom ye ah ai ai ai
Here in God’s Kingdom ye ah

Chorus 2.

She is so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful o
She is so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful,
wonderful, wonderful, wonderful o


She is just a mystery.
My God made her so, yes she just a mystery eh eh
yeah, my God made her so, to meet a need
In the Land. Yes He made her so,
to meet a
Need in the Land.
She is a wife
She is sister
She is a daughter
She is a mother
She is a worker
She is a helper
She is a judge
She is a Lawyer
And a comforter.

(Chorus 1)
My God made her so,
To meet a need yeah
The need of Love
Yes. He made her so, woman you
Are Just a mystery.
Oh oh oh …ye ai
Oh oh oh …ye ai

Please don’t be a sinner, loving vanities,
Mi kiant be a killer, for we are meant
To give life.

Shine your light for all to see, let every one
(All… chorus) shine your light for all to see)3x
miss you when you fly,
shine your light
For all to see , let every one miss you when
You fly,
shine your light for all to see, let everyone miss
You when you fly, when you fly away,
Let everyone miss you.
(Chorus 2)

Your just a mystery, our God made you so,
Yes your just a mystery eh eh
Oh oh  God,, here we are,, still desperate for you,
looking out to see more of you…

And to see more of your glory,
Lord make us whole again
And restore your love, because your kingdom is now .

Lord restore, restore your peace again, because your kingdom is now. Lord restore, restore faith,
Restore strength, restore because your kingdom is now, because your kingdom is now.

Let every pain go, let depression go, let hypocrisy go, let unrighteousness go  let sorrow go.

Repeat Chorus : 1 ( 4×)
Repeat chorus : 2  (
In every generation,
And every Nation,
In every generation ye
You are a just a mystery,
Your still a mystery .


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