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Tola Omoniyi Releases New Book “DISTORIA: Bible Stories” – A Modern Reimagining of Timeless Biblical Narratives

Tola Omoniyi Releases New Book "DISTORIA: Bible Stories" – A Modern Reimagining of Timeless Biblical Narratives

Tola Omoniyi, media entrepreneur and founder of Praiseworld Radio, proudly announces the release of his debut book, “DISTORIA: Bible Stories.” This innovative collection reimagines 30 classic Biblical stories, breathing new life into them with contemporary context to captivate today’s readers.

Many are familiar with Bible stories, but how many truly grasp their meaning? Often, these stories seem distant and unrelatable due to their ancient language and context. Tola Omoniyi’s acclaimed podcast, “Telling Bible Stories with TOLA,” launched five years ago and spanning over five seasons, has successfully bridged this gap by presenting these timeless tales in a modern, engaging manner.

Inspired by the podcast’s success, Tola decided to extend his reach to book lovers. “Seeing the impact of the podcast and how it inspired my listeners, I wanted to spread these stories to a wider audience, those who would rather read a book than listen to a podcast,” he explains.

“DISTORIA: Bible Stories” is far from a simple retelling. Tola’s vibrant prose and compelling storytelling bring a fresh perspective to these ancient narratives, making them feel immediate and relevant. He skillfully bridges the past and present, exploring the depths of Biblical values in a way that speaks directly to the soul and resonates with today’s world. Each story is followed by practical lessons and the original scriptural reference.

“Whether you’re a seasoned believer or a curious seeker, ‘DISTORIA’ promises to captivate, inspire, entertain, and challenge you in unexpected ways,” says Tola Omoniyi. “Dive in and relive ancient experiences that speak to our contemporary world like never before.”

Purchase “DISTORIA: Bible Stories” here: https://linktr.ee/tolaomoniyi

• Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0D2RD3QGC
• Kobo https://www.kobo.com/pl/en/ebook/distoria-bible-stories

For Nigerian readers
• Roving Heights https://rhbooks.com.ng/product/distoria-bible-stories/ and Roving Heights bookstores (Lagos and Abuja)

About the Author:

Tola Omoniyi is a dynamic media entrepreneur, celebrated for his roles as a Radio/TV and Podcast host, Public Speaker, Event Compere, and Communications Expert. He has significantly influenced the Nigerian church community, earning spots among the 100 Most Influential Nigerians in Church by YNaija! in 2021 and being named one of the Top 100 most influential Nigerian gospel personalities by GospelXperience in 2023.

In 2012, Tola founded Praiseworld Radio, Africa’s leading online gospel radio station, and hosts the award-winning ‘The Praise O’Clock Show.’ His innovative approach has reshaped gospel broadcasting. Tola also hosts several podcasts, including The Praiseworld Podcast, The Afrogospel Podcast, and Telling Bible Stories with TOLA, the latter inspiring this book.

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