[Music + Lyrics] Ifyy Nwaokolo – Ibu Chim

Fast-rising Gospel music minister Ifyy Nwaokolo is out with a new song titled Ibu Chim  In the eastern part of Nigeria this title is translated  You Are My God
Ibu Chim” speaks about GOD’s unfailing love for us regardless of how GREAT He is. It’s really an incredible thing to know that if He opens a door, He takes out the lock entirely so no man can shut it, our God is beyond human comprehension.

Ifyy Nwaokolo – Ibu Chim Mp3

 Ifyy Nwaokolo – Ibu Chim Lyrics
You are God beyond human comprehension
You are God the pilot of my life
There is no no other God besides thee
All along you’ve been there for me
You never leave me  Ah!
And I place my hope in you
My trust is you
Only you you you
Only you see what we can not see…
Only you know
Only you know what we do not know
Ibu Chim oh oh oh oh oh
Ibu Chim oh oh oh
Ibu Chim oh oh oh oh oh
Ibu Chim oh oh oh
So gi bu Chi
Sweet Jesus
I love you above all things   Ah!
My Jesus
You are the one who cares for me….
Awesome God
Great is your name
Mighty God
The lifter of my head
Your grace and mercy everyday at work in my life…..
You are the song I sing
The life that I live
What you say you will do
That is what you do…..
Ibu Chim oh… oh  (Ibu Chim oh oh oh oh oh)
So gi bu Chim oh ( Ibu Chim oh oh oh)
So gi, so gi   (Ibu Chim oh oh oh oh oh)
Onyenwem Ei yayayaya!  (Ibu Chim oh oh oh
Chi nwe ndum oh….(Onyenwem)
The lover of my soul (Onyenwem)
Ibu Chukwu oh…. (So gi bu Chi)
Jesus….. ( Ibu Chim oh oh oh oh oh)
My God and my strength (Ibu Chim oh oh oh )
Okemmiri na ebu ogwe. ( Ibu Chim oh oh oh oh oh)
Ebube mbara igwe  (Ibu Chim oh oh oh)
None is equal to you  (Onyenwem)
You reign in the affairs of men  (Onyenwem)
Ibu Chim  (So gi bu Chi)
Extraordinary God
So gi bu Chim oh….oh oh
You are the real God
The true God uh….uh uh
The risen Jesus
So gi bu Chi
Ibu Chim oh…..oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Ibu Chim oh…. oh
Ibu Chim oh
Chineke moh…..
Ibu Chim oh…. oh
Ibu Chim oh…
So gi eh (So gi bu Chim)
So gi  (So gi bu Chim)
So gi eh…eh eh eh eh
(So gi bu Chim)
You are my God (So gi bu Chim)
My lord  (So gi bu Chim)
You alone art God……(So gi bu Chim)
My ultimate father  (So gi bu Chim)
None is equal to you  (So gi bu Chim)
So highly exalted (So gi bu Chim)
You are God all the time (So gi bu Chim)
Holy Ghost Chant

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