*TEXT: LUKE 10:3*



*Luke 10:3. Go your ways: behold, i send you forth as lambs among wolves!*

The God we are serving is a mysterious God, and if you fail to yeild to his directive, then you are preparing to die a mysterious death!
One thing that scared me most about the word of God, is that
*Psalm 119:89*
*Forever oh Lord, thy word is settled, in Heaven*
Whatsoever he had settled from the beginning has been settled. Which means those that will be a lamb has been settled already, so as those that will be wolves also has been settled in Heaven. God had settled that Jeremiah will be a Prophet to the Nations( Jere 1:5). The moment Heaven door is closed to a man on earth, no matter what you do, you can never prosper! God is not a respecter of any man, but he respect those that obey his word!. I believe some of us will say, since his word is settled already, which means God has known those that will end up in Hell and Heaven?. I will say yes and will say no also. No matter how settled God word is, your lifestyle will determined what happens to you next. It is written

*Isaiah 3:10*
*Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with him: for they shall eat the fruit of their doings*
Which means if God word has been settled over your life as a sinner, it can be changed, if only you can forsake those sinful lifestyle. Remember it shall be well with a righteous fellow only.
The same God that told Eli that his household will serve in his house forever, later changed his word, because of the lifestyle of the children of Eli.
*1 sam 2:30*
*Wherefore the Lord God of israel saith, i said indeed that thy house and the house of thy father; should walk before me forever; but now the lord saith, be it far from me, for them that honor me i will honor and they that despise me shall be highly esteemed*
If you are a lamb, i will advise you to continue to be a lamb, so that you will surely fulfil your destiny. You can change that negative word that is said concerning you today; by forsaking any lifestyle of sin. According to our test; no matter how much you pretend to be a lamb, your fruit will expose you. God can never give you a wolve assignment. Any wolve that is priviliege to receive any assignment from God, it is for his Destruction. It only takes you to be a sheep or lamb before God can send you out.
*Luke 10:3*
*Go your ways: behold i send you forth as lambs among wolves*
Remember Jesus is the lamb of God(John 1:29). So for you to be a true lamb; then you must follow the footstep of Jesus. Greater things will you do if you believe in me, said Jesus.
If jesus can save the world, you also begin to save the world. How can you do that? Preaching the gospel through social media, one on one evanglism and other means. It is time to move from beign a wolve to lamb. Jesus can help you with that, all you need is to forsake all your sins and he will forgive you today!

*Prayer Point*
*Lord Every Area I am living like a wolve, please deliver me today*

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