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Gospel music world would not have been the same without the wonderful singer Olubukunola Bekes, who goes by the stage name Bukola Bekes. From an early age, her dedication to singing and worshiping God through her songs could not be hidden.

She has her own band, which is called “Olubukunola Bekes and The Paradise Minstrel”. Together with her band, she performs in Nigeria and all over Africa. Sometimes, Bukola is fondly referred to as “Olorikokoro”, which means “Master Key”. The reason for this nickname is the Holy Ghost Congress, which took place in 2005 and was tagged “The Master Key”. At this Congress, Bukola Bekes composed the theme song and led the choir. She actually wrote two theme songs, one being in English and another one in the Yoruba language. Since then, many friends and Nigerians have referred to her by this nickname.


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