Anthony Adoki Released New Single “Loke Loke”

Anthony Adoki Loke Loke

Nigerian Gospel singer, Anthony Adoki dishes out a brand new single titled Loke Loke, The title is of Yoruba origin – a language widely spoken in the Southwestern region of Nigeria being interpreted as “Higher higher” in English, is a mind blowing classic music and was produced by Flo Rocka

Commenting on this new single Anthony Adoki said He prays the Lord lifts you up, set your feet on a rock, give you a firm place to stand and cause you to make great progress and move upward and forward forever, Higher higher everyday in Jesus’ Name!

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Anthony Adoki is from Rivers State, he was born in Lagos Nigeria and had his education in Lagos state Nigeria, he started professional music in 1996 where he worked with several artists of local and international repute.
Anthony Adoki and his gospel band has traveled to several countries for charity concerts.

Anthony released his first album in 2010 and since then has released several singles with his band from the yet to be released 2nd album.
He holds a certificate in music business, from the School of Audio engineering in cape town, south Africa. Anthony Adoki and his gospel band has taken their music to prison inmates on several occasions. He is also a Jerusalem Pilgrimage (JP) visitor.He has won several music awards in his early years. Anthony Adoki and his gospel band features in several annual music concerts like Cityfm, praise in the city, Rccg, June 8th Praise Day and many others.

The complete accompaniment of several music instruments that plays a unique role in the composition and delivery of their music is a matter class to behold.

Anthony Adoki and his gospel band through their music always present a fusion of African and western music instruments laced with both local and English languages.
This uniqueness always leave audiences wanting for more.

The spirituality, the cross cultural nature of their music is so appealing.

Anthony Adoki and his gospel band are dexterous in their voice delivery and general art.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of Anthony Adoki and his band and they’re dexterity,a number of Nigerians has attested too their uniqueness, which many had acknowledged as one of the best in recent times. The song has remained in the lips of both young and older generation. All clicked into the song and their fortunes has changed for good. Lawrence d covenant a musician and a music lover himself, claims he had been following a thread of music for over thirty years, Anthony Adoki and his band presents their style of music in a way that isn’t common. And trust Nigerians when they see a good thing, they easily identified it. Now fans from across the world continue to vibe to the punchline of the Song,Loke Like meaning higher higher

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