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In the depths of uncertainty and questioning, there is a verse that shines like a beacon of truth and revelation.


It’s John 16:3.


Join Tolu Arowojobe once again in this victorious train, on his new single, “Erin Ayo” borne from the depths of our souls, it’s more than just music; it is a resolute affirmation.


John 16 vs 3 reminds us of the profound power found in the knowledge of God, a power that can transform lives and bring about lasting change.
Through this new single, we reaffirm our trust in God’s promises.
We embrace the truth that His joy is not just a fleeting emotion but a constant source of strength and protection.
The joy of the Lord becomes our shield, guarding our hearts and minds against doubt, fear, and discouragement.
It is an unflinching assurance..
It reverberates with the fervor of our faith, igniting a flame of hope within the hearts of all who listen.
It beckons them to cast aside their fears and insecurities, rise above the mundane, and embrace their identity as beloved children of God.
Let the melodies weave through the tapestry of your emotions, touching the raw essence of your being.
Let the lyrics, like whispers from the divine, stir the dormant dreams within you.
May this song become a vessel of transformation, breathing life into weary souls and stirring a passion for a life filled with purpose.








Not content with mastering just one aspect of his artistic expression, Tolulope Arowojobe’s repertoire expands far beyond his captivating vocals.

From his earliest days, Tolulope’s melodic journey began, as he found himself drawn to the divine presence through his heartfelt melodies.

With each soulful note that escapes his lips, Tolulope has the extraordinary ability that uplifts spirits and touches hearts.

As a gifted author, his words flow effortlessly onto the page, weaving captivating stories that inspire and provoke deep contemplation.

His nimble fingers also glide across the ivory keys of the piano, gracefully conjuring enchanting melodies that transport listeners to a place of profound emotion.

Through this awe-inspiring composition, He invites you to join him on a journey of exploration and reverence.

It is a realm where music and spirituality unite, leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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