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Open Heaven For Teens 4 September 2021 – Deborah


Open Heaven For Teens 4 September 2021 – Deborah

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TOPIC: Deborah [Open Heaven for Teens 4 September 2021]

MEMORISE: Then sang Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam on that day, saying, Judges 5:1

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READ: Judges 4:4-9

  1. And Deborah, a prophetess, the wife of Lapidoth, she judged Israel at that time.
  2. And she dwelt under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in mount Ephraim: and the children of Israel came up to her for judgment.
  3. And she sent and called Barak the son of Abinoam out of Kedeshnaphtali, and said unto him, Hath not the LORD God of Israel commanded, saying, Go and draw toward mount Tabor, and take with thee ten thousand men of the children of Naphtali and of the children of Zebulun?
  4. And I will draw unto thee to the river Kishon Sisera, the captain of Jabin’s army, with his chariots and his multitude; and I will deliver him into thine hand.
  5. And Barak said unto her, If thou wilt go with me, then I will go: but if thou wilt not go with me, then I will not go.
  6. And she said, I will surely go with thee: notwithstanding the journey that thou takest shall not be for thine honor; for the LORD shall sell Sisera into the hand of a woman. And Deborah arose, and went with Barak to Kedesh.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Proverbs 5-6, 1 Corinthians 14:1-40


One of the strong female characters mentioned in the Bible was Deborah. She was the only woman that acted as both a Judge and Prophetess in the Bible. Deborah judged Israel for thirty-three years and as a prophetess, she heard directly from God before making any decision. For instance, when God wanted to deliver the Israelites from the hands of Jabin, the king of Canaan, He gave the war strategy to Deborah who then told it to Barak. Together, they went to battle and won. And when they returned, they sang praises unto God.

Another remarkable thing about Deborah is the meaning of her name which is bee. Bee is a humble insect that produces honey but can also sting. As a bee, she brought sweetness to her nation and there was no record of complaints about her judgements in the Bible. As a bee, she also stung the enemies of God.

Are there lessons to learn from Deborah? Yes. One of it is learn to hear from God before you make any decision. Also, be humble particularly when placed in any leadership position. Make good judgements and never be bias. In addition, learn to praise God for everything especially when He does something for you.


Learn from Deborah.

HYMNS: Christian Seek Not Yet Repose

  1. Christian, seek not yet repose,
    Hear thy guardian angel say,
    “Thou art in the midst of foes:
    Watch and pray!
  2. Principalities and powers,
    Mustering their unseen array,
    Wait for thine unguarded hours:
    “Watch and pray!
  3. Gird thy heavenly armour on,
    Wear it every night and day,
    Ambushed lies the evil one:
    “Watch and pray!
  4. Hear the victors
    who overcame;
    Still they mark each
    warrior’s way,
    All with one sweet
    voice exclaim,
    “Watch and pray!
  5. Hear, above all, hear thy Lord,
    Him thou lovest to obey;
    Hide within thy heart
    His word,
    “Watch and pray!
  6. Watch, as if on that alone
    Hung the issue of the day;
    Pray, that help may
    be sent down:
    “Watch and pray!”

Daily Devotional for Teen’s guide was written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, one of the largest evangelical church in the world and also the President of Christ the Redeemer’s Ministries.

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