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Matachi Breathe

Breathe By Matachi

Matachi Breathe

For every season of a human being’s existence, there will be a waiting period. Waiting is mostly undesirable. But while we wait, our attitude should be guided by our trust in the one we are waiting on to do what He alone can do. 

In her words “While we wait on God, our services, our praise, our expectations should not dwindle. It is with this posture that what you waited for will come to pass one after the other leaving you victorious.” 

Breathe is a Soft Rock tune – an arrangement of sizzling music, captivated in strings and pads ambiance, with a potent punch and melodic ornamentation; the bass line has both puffy, finger slides and slap, to complete the groove. 
The vibrant vocal ensemble creates a vivacious element in taking over the spectrums on both left and right when you listen on a stereo mode, while the synth works take you on a voyage to climax.

Breathe was carefully brewed at W.O.M.P. Studios, Los Angeles, U.S.A. by the multi-award winning producer and Yamaha Ambassador – Sir Wole Oni.
Download it, love it, tell someone to download it too.

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