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Download DC Emmanuel - Hallelujah Bliss

DC EMMANUEL is a gospel music minister called to reveal Jesus as our substitute, He took our place in sin and shame and we took his place in righteousness and glory. He sings and teaches to reveal Jesus as the LION OF JUDAH in the spirit of his second coming as the Reigning King of Glory.
HALLELUJAH BLISS is a special worship song by DC EMMANUEL, that came from his encounter in the place of koinonia. It is a song that focuses on extolling the majesty of Jesus Christ, our savior, as the King of Kings and Lord of LORDS.
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Lyrics: Hallelujah Bliss by DC Emmanuel

Hallelujah (x8)
Glory to God (x4)
We bow to you, Savior we bow to you;
We bow to you, Savior we bow to you
We honor you, Savior we honor you;
We honor you, Savior we honor you
We adore you, Kadosh…kadosh
We honor you, Savior we honor you
We reverence you, Ancient of the days
We reverence you, Lion and the lamb…we reverence you the living light;
We reverence you, we reverence you
Be magnified, Savior be magnified (x2)
Be lifted high, be lifted high…Be lifted high, Savior be lifted high
I lift you high, I lift you high…I lift you high, Savior I lift you high

Hallelujah (x8)

I call you the ancient Zion
We worship you (x4)
We worship you, Savior we worship you;
I worship you, Savior I worship you
We praise your name, we praise your name…We praise your name, Savior we praise your name
We love you lord, we love you Lord;
I love you Lord…You died for me
I love you Lord…He gave his life for me…We love you Lord, we love you Lord

Hallelujah (x2) (We love you Jesus…)
Hallelujah (x2) (Hallelujah…)
Hallelujah (x12)

Amen (x12)
I join the host of Angels to say Amen…amen
I join the 24 elders to say Amen…amen
Amen (x4)

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