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Music: God Loves Me – Obomate

The Nigerian Independent Gospel Minister Odimabo Obomate debuts his first song titled “God Loves Me”. As the title entails, it is a song of gratitude and eulogy to the name above every other name.

According to Obomate, “Countless times God has come through for me. I got the inspiration to flesh out “God Loves Me” when I remembered how God came through for me in situations I can’t even imagine. It was so emotional that I said to myself that I’ll write a song and tell the whole world about His love

This is a song of victory and allegiance to the name of Jesus. The Love Of God surely never fails.



God Loves Me – Obomate Lyrics 


I always say thank you for everything you do for me

I don’t take anything too little

I know what it takes to be counted among the living

So I appreciate all that you do

Don’t know why you choose to love me this way

Still wondering why you love me this way

I’ve come to realize how much you truly care for me

So I’ll tell to the whole world you love me


So I say make I look the things wey you don dey do for me

cuz you gave ur son

gave me life

make me a human god

yes I am stronger

I’m winner man today

more than a conqueror

gave me the power

to do anything the way I want it to be

If anybody try power

dem go collect

say when they see ur goodness

dem must accept

say na only you be Savior

And the reason I’ll always to praise ya

come this far cuz I was opportune to be your son

And you never let me down

so I tell to the whole world

that Jesus loves me no be lie

and then I tell to the whole world

that Jesus loves me no be lie ×2


God loves me

yes He loves me

I tell to the whole world God loves me

God loves me

yes He loves me

I’ll tell to the whole world God loves ×2

Verse 3

God loves me

And He loves you

He go do am for you

Everything wey you want

He will provide your needs

Lines fall in pleasant places you

All your problems will be solved

You no go worry at all

He will heal ur mind

He will give you rest

He will give you Joy

He will come through for you

Loads of testimony await you

All things works for your good

And you go tell to the whole world He loves u


Oh yes He loves me

I He loves me

I’ll tell it to the whole world ×2

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