Akintade Ibironke Album “The Mighty Hand of God” Mp3 Download

Download Akintade Ibironke Album "The Mighty Hand of God"

Nigerian Gospel music sensation Akintade Ibironke, from the stable of The Ancient Praise Music Ministry, has released her debut album titled The Mighty Hand of God.

According to the gospel music minister, this body of work is the result of consistent intimacy with God in the secret place. The album’s nine tracks were produced, mixed, and mastered by Mr. Time.

In terms of the album project, my music ministry is a family affair that runs through my veins. My grandfather was a music minister and composer, the late Apostle J.T. Durojaiye of THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST MINISTRY. Akintade Ibironke added, “My mother is also an evangelist and a composer.”

My songs are always inspired by Messages, the Bible, Prayer points, and sometimes when I’m alone.

  1. Alayeluwa – Min. Akintade Ibironke – https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Alayeluwa%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  2. Anu Ni Morigba – Min. Akintade Ibironke https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Anu%20Ni%20Morigba%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  3. Don’t Give Up – Min. Akintade Ibironke https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Don%27t%20Give%20Up%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  4. Gba Jesu – Min. Akintade Ibironke https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Gba%20Jesu%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  5. KanaKana – Min. Akintade Ibironke https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/KanaKana%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  6. Miracle Worker – Min. Akintade Ibironke https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Miracle%20Worker%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  7. Ogo Aye Mi – Min. Akintade Ibironke https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Ogo%20Aye%20Mi%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke.mp3
  8. Praise (Woro Medley) – Min. Akintade Ibironke
  9. Wo Jesu – Min. Akintade Ibironke Prodby_MrTime https://archive.org/download/praise-woro-medley-min.-akintade-ibironke/Wo%20Jesu%20-%20Min.%20Akintade%20Ibironke%20Prodby_MrTime.mp3

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