Artist Spotlight Promo Package

Artist Promo Package

So this promo package ONLY applies to content already approved by the AllBaze team for publishing on the site.
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Why would you want to Promote Your Content on AllBaze?

  • You want to become more relevant in the Nigerian Gospel Music industry
  • You are an upcoming artist and when we post your song, you feel like no one sees or hears your music 
  • Worse, you don’t get the kind of feedback you are looking for and you wish more people would pay attention to your music.
  • When your music or video is posted, 5 more songs from other artists  sometimes more popular than you bury your video or song and push your song to the bottom, 

We have solutions for you:

1.    Video Of The Week –  You can make your video stand out on by making it the video of the week and more people in Nigeria and overseas who consume Nigerian music will watch your video and know your name – 

2.    Preferred Post – Your music or video post will stick and stay on the first row of the homepage for as long as you want it. This is the most requested from artists. 

3.    Artist Spotlight – just recently built an artist page for most of the artists in the Nigerian music space home and abroad. We put a picture of the Artist we are showcasing for an entire week on all pages of the site so that all visitors see the Artist spotlight for that week. 

4.    Advertising Banners – Advertising Banner are also available.                                                                                                                                                                                

Please email,  +2349057052525 to request any of the options 

above so that you or your artist can start becoming more relevant in the 

Nigerian Music Industry.

For Advertising on Please contact:
For Music Posting, Please contact:


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